Saturday, July 13, 2013

Goodies Haul

Lately I've accumulated some "pretty shinys" and I thought I would share.  These objects will be featured on the blog in the future at some point, I can guarantee . . .

 I went to the store in order to pick up some candy, and while the makeup section was small yet cluttered in this particular store, I managed to pull out some gems.  The lip colors (Milani) were pretty cheap and they smell like watermelon candy.  While I prefer lipstick over lip color/gloss, this isn't as cakey as lipstick.  I tried the primer (e.l.f.) and the eyeshadow (L.A. Colors) and I'm in love.

Before I went to Anime Midwest, I was hoping that my package from Bane of GIY: Goth It Yourself would arrive.  It arrived while I was away, so when I came back home, I found this on my bed . . .

I'm not really a purse/handbag person, but this bag is really sweet.  Right now it's a home for my sunglasses, my wallet, and other essentials for when I leave the house.  I'm excited about trying to find outfits that work with the bag.  Until then, it has found a home: the door knob to my closet.  Notice the skeleton key hole, since these doors are original to the house . . .

Speaking of Anime Midwest again, there were some artists with booths set up in a place called the Dealer's Room.  The selection of items were disappointing: mostly old manga and some overpriced craft items.  However, I came across this one booth, and the woman who ran the booth had a lot of earrings for sale.  I looked at all of the earrings: ankhs, bird skulls, bats, dragons, skulls . . . oh my!  I finally settled on these dragon earrings for $5.00.  

There was also a steampunk vendor at Anime Midwest.  She sold watches and jewelry.  This was the most expensive item that she sold, and it was only $20.  One of the customers (next to me) dubbed the shop "Steampunk For Twenty Dollars Or Less." 

Some of you may know that I'm a sucker for vintage items.  Now, I can also be pretty picky when it comes to vintage.  I won't buy something just because you slap "vintage" on it.  However, when one works for a bookshop, you oftentimes get "first pickings."  I found two music books from the early 20th century that would otherwise be thrown away!  I also saved a children's cook book from the 1960s for a friend.

75 cents in 1925!  That would roughly be $9.98 in 2013.

Saving the best for last . . .

This is going to be a little lengthy, but the long story behind these skull earrings are totally worth all the reading!

My friend invited me to the house of her friend Jen, who was having an "open house" for her jewelry.  After I was finished with the bookshop, I said goodbye to my coworkers and biked to the house. After about a handful of minutes, I found the small house, parked my bike, and knocked on the door.  I was answered by an unfamiliar bearded, muscle-y man.  He asked, "Are you here for the jewelry open house party?"  I noticed he was wearing an Alice Cooper t-shirt.  I knew I found the right place.

When I entered the house, I met Jen, who runs the jewelry shop (which is a purple room inside of the house).  There was a coffin-shaped coffee table in the living room, dinosaur salt shakers, vintage posters on the walls, and three cats that prowled around inside the house.  Outside of the house, you can find a fake ox skull and orange Halloween lights (in July).  I'm probably leaving out a lot of details, but boy, was that house charming!

Like mentioned before, Jen does gothic jewelry, but she's willing to collaborate with you for any design.  If you have a design sketched out, she'll replicate it.  If you have the materials picked out, she'll piece 'em together.  She takes custom orders, and her Facebook page is A Thing of Beauty Designs.  Her creations are pretty cheap, but of good quality . . . her goal is to offer unique creations without the large markup.  I'd recommend you give her page.

That's it for now . . . my goal is to finish some sewing projects before the school year begins, and post some of those results on here!