Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sneek Peak

It's definitely been awhile.  To cut a long story short, this is what happens when you opt for a lot of challenging courses.  I've had zero time to create art unless I need to for a course (which is kind of sad, I will admit).  I'm trying to take more initiative and get my creative butt in gear to make more, and hopefully I'll crank out a few sewing projects once winter break comes (in December).

I drew a simple sketch for something I'm planning to do.  No telling when I'll be able to execute it, but it seems pretty easy . . .

I've recently starting embroidery, which is quickly becoming a favorite hobby of mine.  It's soothing and not very challenging, even though I don't use a hoop (yes, how dare I!)  I've also had a recent obsession with vintage photographs involving the moon (so much that I have a single Pinterest board dedicated to them), so this project will incorporate both of those things.


It's going to be a black cape with stars embroidered at the bottom and a cresent moon toward one of the shoulders.  I'm unsure about the length of the cape (not quite elbow length, elbow length, or more towards the wrists?) but the initial construction should be a breeze.  The embroidery floss will mostly likely be gold or white.  I would imagine that before I sew the panels together to create the cape, I'd embroider the design on the front panel.  And the stars would have better spacing in between them and would be of a consistent size (probably smaller than they are in the sketch) but after all this is a preliminary vision.

For someone who hasn't embroidered too much, this is quite the leap.  I will admit it's a big flaw of mine, to become impatient with learning something and to jump to an ambitious goal.  However, I have done enough practice with embroidery that I feel like this wouldn't be too hard of an attempt.

Do any of you embroider?  I'd like to know.

-- Klaude