Saturday, January 12, 2013

On The Road

I couldn't help my excitement when I first saw her, the Victoria!

 Once I ordered, I went up these narrow stairs . . .

The dining area was packed!  I was unsure about where to go, but a friendly and small family offered me a seat.  Another stranger was sitting with them so once she left I moved over to the window:

Next up, my pork tacos with a side of beans.  I understand it's hard to take photogenic picture of food with a phone camera, but I can assure you that they were yummy!  There wasn't that long of a wait, either.

 More window seat goodness.

Goodbye for now . . .

One of the two guys who run this bus is from the UK and insisted on shaking my hand after my meal.  The two of them were both very friendly.  Inside of the bus, you could hear some soft ska and punk rock music playing.  I was honestly expecting the tacos to be a bit average but they were really quite a treat.  I'll definitely come back (with some friends, when it isn't as crowded).  For now, I'll stay blissfully broke.