Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY Skele-Skirt

I bought these large black corduroy pants and turned it into a skirt.  However, I wasn't satisfied with the end result so it sat in my closet for awhile.  I rediscovered it and saw the potential it had, the potential that the sewing n00b that I was a few years back didn't quite catch. 

 Me, wearing the skirt before I did any changes.  Notice how awkward and shapeless it looks.

 Then, I decided on how tight I wanted it to hug my hips.  I also cut it shorter in length.

 After pinning, sewing, and eventually trimming off the excess, I made a template of the bones I wanted to paint onto the skirt:

 I added several layers of paint before I was satisfied. 

Test run time!

Ever since I finished this skirt, I've worn it several times.  I love it!  As pictured in these photos, I love to pair it with button-down shirts and tights.

-- Klaude