Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY Skele Pants

While I do not have anything against baggy pants (PJs not included), sometimes I buy something that begs to be altered.  I went to the local thrift store awhile ago and purchased some white pants -- they were my size, but they were quite boxy and baggy when I tried them on at home after they went through the wash.

So . . . my fabric scissors, white thread, and needle came to the rescue.

Here's a "before" photo:

No, they aren't Capri pants or yoga pants.  I have stubby short legs, alright?  Shhhh.

Anywhooo, I turned them inside out and tried them on.  I then took pins and pinned down where I wanted to slim the pants.  I took off the pants and folded them over to make sure the pinned areas matched up.  As an extra resource, I put my favorite pair of skinny jeans over the pants:

 I did not chop off the extra fabric quite yet, just in case I goofed up with my pinning/sewing.  (However, I tried on the pants after sewing and they fit quite nicely!)  Since I was happy with what was sewn, I made another row of stitching just for the sake of durability.  Skinnier pants will have a lot more stress on the seams.

Of course, I could have stopped right here.  But no!  

I took out some black acrylic paint, mixed it with a little pit of water, and then I got down to some business: 

And then, the finished project:

I have a feeling that I'll be wearing these a lot in the future.

-- Klaude