Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bat Fit 2014: Setting Goals and Intentions

The new year has arrived, and we all know what that means -- time to kick-off some Bat Fit goodness!  For my followers who are new and have stumbled across this blog, take a gander to The Professor's blog -- the picture above is linked to her blog post concerning the Bat Fit kick-off.  I participated in Bat Fit last year, although I hardly updated it on my blog, and overall was not happy with my lack of participation.

Which gets us started on setting goals and intetions!

This isn't an ordinary list of resolutions that we don't plan on observing.  There is, in fact, a twist to this challenge, and for the entirety of BatFit 2014 in general.  This twist is the focus on detoxification.  Again, I highly recommend you visit The Professor's blog to read more on this selection, if you haven't already.

Detoxification, in my opinion, is something we overlook a lot when it comes to our health and our personal goals, yet it's a very important aspect if we truly want to achieve a happier, healthier life.  Without further ado, here are my goals ...


1. I WILL be more mindful about what I eat.  While I have not been officially tested, it didn't take long to realize cutting out gluten from my diet helped me a ton.  I don't do a very good job maintaining a diet without "flare foods" but this year I will be more mindful about what I put in my body.  The detoxification part of this goal is fairly easily to spot as I'm literally detoxifying my body by ridding it of icky foods that make it unhappy!

2. I WILL increase motivation, decrease distractions.  Since I'm enrolled in some fairly challenging courses at my level (advanced math, science, history, and literature) giving it my attention is a big priority in my life.  With Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other social media distractions, I would love to go entirely without the Internet, although this won't work as my studies include the usage of the Internet!  However, finding a way to minimalize (and maybe even cut out for several days at a time) social media and other distractions will definitely help my academic life.  Detoxifying myself of these distractions will make me not only more in tune with my studies, but also give me some time to quality, No-Internet-Necessary activities that I want to pursue more, like embroidery!

3. I WILL find a job, however, I realize that if I don't find a job, it isn't the end of the world.  This is an odd goal amongst the others as it can be harder to find the detoxification theme.  It would make me a happier person to no longer rely leech off of on my friends for small things, and I feel like having a job again will help me gain more responsibility.  With my attention towards the future I could use every cent, and in return detoxify myself from stress that comes with the eventually step of living on my own, paying off student debt, and other such items.  But I will stress this again: if I fail to find a job, it is not the end of the world.  If anything, it can be opportunity to find more volunteer work, which is also something that makes me feel fulfilled.  Money isn't everything.

4. I WILL exercise more.  Klaude in 2013, you disappointed me.  I understood that I was very busy and ill, but this time, no excuses!  I have seen exercise help people out with the very same conditions that I suffer from.  Exercise can help me detoxify stress, because nothing beats a good workout.  Even if I'm having a bad pain day due to fibromyalgia or other reasons, I will still find time to stretch.  Maybe light yoga.  But I will keep moving.

5. And related to #4 ... I WILL sleep more.  Seriously.  I have been running on four-hour, maybe five-hour naps.  This is no excuse.  There are several studies pointing out the perils of not getting enough sleep, and not to mention, my immune system is compromised!  Pulling all-nighters will happen, however, if I can avoid it, I will do what I can to avoid it.


1. I will reclaim my body despite the illnesses that it houses.  I will not be afraid to find the old me, to be more active, to be more adventurous, and to no longer be apologetic about my physical shortcomings.  I will not mope around and moan about my situation but rather, take action.

2. I won't be afraid to let go of people that I do not need anymore.  I already had a (gentle) falling-out with a former friend.  We were friends for almost four years, however we were never compatible.  With her out of my life, I have felt much better.  Ridding yourself of toxic people is a large step, and it might not be the easiest, but it certainly is a beneficial one.

3. I will move on.  I have a terrible habit of lingering on events and situations that I don't need to over-evaluate.  I found the sooner you move on from something, the faster you can heal.  I will continue to apply this for the new year.

There are many more goals and intentions that I have that I cannot think of at this current moment that I might add in later.  This is just the main points I would like to focus on for 2014.