Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Miscellaneous Updates

With school and winter in full-swing it's hard to do more sewing and activities, and as a result, not much content to put on this blog.

However, I have been doing a better job at not procrastinating as much during this semester of school, and I'm doing my best to balance out coursework, free time spent on the Internet, and free time spent on other hobbies (such as sewing, cooking, etc.).

Under the cut, I have also compiled some big plans for 2014 ...

1. One of my friends has invited me to go to a summer Pow Wow with her.  This event has craft booths as handmade goods is encouraged, and it doesn't have to be Native American-related (and besides, I would feel wrong making Native American-inspired crafts because I do not have Native American heritage).  So, I will have to churn out a bunch of crafts to sell with her.  We're also splitting the booth with her boyfriend and another one of our mutual friends, so we're anticipating candles, illustrations, and clothing.

2. Another one of my friends wants to go to Portland with me over the summer.  My family doesn't vacation much so I'm free to do traveling with friends.  However, just a plane alone (roundtrip) is $300, and I'm not sure where I'll get that money as finding jobs in my town is hard. 

3.  I'm going to Anime Midwest (again!) this year since I had so much fun last year.  I already have around $44.00 in my glass canning Bell jar in my closet.  My goal is at least $120 by the 4th of July.  This is really good process considering all I've really done is small sewing favors and sold some old belongings (I'm unemployed).

4. My friend's boyfriend recently got an apartment (sharing it with a close friend) and she will be moving in soon herself.  I'll see if I can make them some housewarming gifts to make the transition easier.  When I go over to their apartment, they insist that I don't have to pick up the rooms or clean dishes or fold laundry, but in reality, it's the least I can do.  I'm also making them an embroidered wolf since they love wolves, and have agreed to do some sewing for them.

5. I anticipate on opening an online shop.  I can't say which platform right now since I'm unsure -- Storenvy or Etsy -- but I've already decided on a name.  I have a blogspot blog dedicated to the store as well as a Twitter and Instagram, but as you can imagine, all of these profiles are empty.  I've yet to polish up the rough draft design.  But I'm pretty excited nonetheless! 

There's many more things I'm looking into but those are the biggest ones at the moment, plus these are also the goals involved more creativity.

I'm also warming up to a Bamboo Wacomb tablet that a friend is letting me borrow.  I would really like to see some improvement in my artwork this year as I already carry around a little sketchpad.

I was also recently given some old jeans from a friend, and deconstructed them last night:

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of the denim right now, but it's nice to add more sturdy fabrics to my collection in my closet.  When I make faux-corsets I liked to use old denim as lining since it's comfortable and sturdy (and I don't have the funds or room to store nice canvas or twill for a real-deal corset).

I hope to get in some more projects soon, hopefully these updates excite you guys as well!  I have a good feeling about 2014 ...

- Klaude

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